Honeywell Foldable Desk Lamp – HWT-H01 (Black, White or Grey)

von Honeywell Smart Lighting An Oct 08, 2023

Honeywell Foldable Desk Lamp – HWT-H01 (Black, White or Grey)

Honeywell Foldable Desk Lamp

HWT-H01- Color:Black

HWT-H01W - Color:White

HWT-H01G - Color:Grey

The Honeywell Foldable Desk Lamp adopts Sunturalux™ full spectrum LED lamp beads with a CRI≥95, which deliver the closest natural light. It also has no blue light, glare and flicker hazard. There are 3 kinds of color temperature for you to adjust, which can create a comfortable eye protection environment. A small and simple lamp body design, dual output charging ports (USB A+C) and foldable construction can not only meet the charging needs of various devices, but also greatly save desk space, which is ideal for reading, studying, drawing and other activities.
Health and Safety Light Source: Strobe and blue light tests have been certified to meet or exceed standards to effectively protect users'eyes.
Professional Eye Protection CCT and Multi-Angle Adjustment: 3 kinds of color temperatures, multi-level brightness adjustment and 0°-180° free up-and-down angle adjustment can meet your different lighting needs.
Dual Output Charging Ports: USB A+C dual output ports to meet your various electronic device charging needs.
Foldable and Portable Design: Modern and simple desk lamp with a small and exquisite design is not only easy to carry, but also greatly saves desk top space.
Convenient Rotary Knob: The rotary knob is easy to operate, which can achieve the function of brightness adjustment and color switching.





The 2 USB output charging ports can charge simultaneously, and the total output is 5V 2.1A MAX.

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If the desk lamp doesn’t work, please check the following situations:

  1. Check if the power supply is off.
  2. If the power supply is on, please press down the knob to turn on the lamp.
  3. If the lamp still doesn’t work, please contact our customer service support team for help.


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