Honeywell Natural Light Floor Lamp HWL-02E Pro

von Honeywell Smart Lighting An Oct 08, 2023

Honeywell Natural Light Floor Lamp HWL-02E Pro

Honeywell Natural Light Floor Lamp

The Honeywell HWL-02E Pro Natural Light Floor Lamp adopts 528 Sunturalux™ full spectrum LED lamp beads which deliver the closest natural light. With a CRI≥97, they have no blue light, glare, and flicker. Made of aluminum alloy and iron, the lamp is strong and durable. With a 10400LM large light-emitting panel as well as upper and lower dual light sources, it can illuminate your entire space through the diffuse reflection of the ceiling to simulate sunlight. Creating a soft and comfortable eye environment, the lamp is ideal for reading, studying, drawing, and other activities.

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Healthy and Safety Light Source: Through strobe and blue light hazard tests, the lamp has been verified to meet or exceed standards to effectively protect users' eyes.
Professional Eye Protection CCT: Under 4000K soft color temperature, users can quickly adjust the brightness through the knob.
Upper and Lower Dual Light Source: Through diffuse reflection to simulate sunlight, the lamp provides high-brightness uniform light, which can reduce the difference from its ambient brightness.
Tall Lamp Pole Ergonomic Design: Large rectangular luminous panel is placed overhead, filling the room with light like the sun. The diffuser of the lamp head is equipped with a prism structure, making the light soft and uniform.
Solid Metal Design: The main body is made of aluminum alloy and iron material and a U-shaped body structure design makes it solid and durable.



If the floor lamp doesn’t work, please check the following situations:

  1. Check if the power is on.
  2. If the power is on, please rotate the knob to turn on the lamp.
  3. If the lamp still doesn’t work, please contact our customer service support team for help.


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