Honeywell Full Metal Efficient Desk Lamp HWT-01A

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Honeywell Full Metal Efficient Desk Lamp HWT-01A

Honeywell Full Metal Efficient Desk Lamp HWT-01A

The Honeywell HWT-01A LED Desk Lamp adopts 30pcs Sunturalux™ full spectrum LED lamp beads which deliver the closest natural light; CRI≥95, no blue light, no glare, and no flicker. The main body is made of aluminum alloy with multi-angle flexible adjustment, linear brightness adjustment, sensitive touch control, and eye protection function, that help create a soft and comfortable eye environment. Ideal for home office, reading, studying, drawing, and other activities.

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Health and Safety Light Source: Anti-stroboscopic and blue light hazard tests have been certified to meet or exceed standards to effectively protect users' eyes.
Professional Eye Protection CCT: Under 4000K soft eye-caring color temperature, the user can adjust the brightness as needed.
Multi-Angle Adjustment: The 3.4-inch small round head design with double swing arms has the flexibility to be adjusted at multiple angles; the sensitive touch control switch is also freely adjustable.
Solid Metal Design: The main body is made of aluminum alloy and iron material, and the total 6.8 lb body weight makes the lamp firmly stand on the desktop.




If the desk lamp doesn’t work, please check the following situations:

  1. Check if the power supply is off.
  2. If the power supply is on, please touch the switch to turn on the lamp.
  3. If the lamp still doesn’t work, please contact our customer service support team for help.


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