Honeywell HWL-02E Pro Floor Lamp

por {{ author }} Honeywell Smart Lighting sobre Oct 29, 2023

Honeywell HWL-02E Pro Floor Lamp

Top Diffuse Light Compensation

The HWL-02E Pro features a 70% diffuse reflection, providing top diffuse light compensation. This technology aims to recreate natural sunlight indoors by automatically supplementing ambient light. It creates a high uniformity sunlight illuminated space by seam a reshaped light environment that promotes real eye protection.

Similar to having the sun positioned above your head, the light is evenly spread throughout the room, avoiding glare and light spots. It's not limited to the height of the desktop, making it suitable for both students and office personnel. Unlike traditional desk lamps, the HWL-02E Pro allows you to see the light source directly with just a slight upward glance, without obstructing your vision. It offers practicality and convenience.

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