Brand Introduction

Honeywell International

Honeywell is one of the world's top 500 high-tech enterprises, providing the world with customized aviation products and services, building and industrial control technologies and characteristic materials. It is committed to connecting aircraft, automobiles, buildings, factories, supply chains, workers and other things, so that the world can achieve more intelligent, safe and sustainable long-term development. Honeywell’s Global Headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Company Introduction

Huo Ming Technology

Guangdong Co., Ltd. was established in March 2021 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. It is the exclusive brand licensee of Honeywell lighting products in China, North America and Europe. The first phase of exclusive license is 6 years + 6 years, a total of 12 years, which is currently the second year.

Huo Ming’s Lighting Product Center and China Marketing Center are located in Ronggui, Shunde, Guangdong Province, and the overseas marketing center is located in Longhua, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Basic optical research cooperates with the Boston University Optical Center of the United States, so that the Health Optics Laboratory was established by T.D. Moustakas, the Academician of the National Academy of Invention Sciences, and Liao Yitao, the Doctor of the Boston University Optical Center, to jointly carry out basic research and development of LED light health research and innovative applications.

Huo Ming is currently taking the lead in putting forward the concept of healthy eye protection lighting that makes home lighting infinitely close to sunlight through strong brand strength and technical background in the field of indoor home lighting. At present, the four categories of learning eye protection lamp, bedroom ceiling lamp, living room ceiling lamp and makeup mirror lamp are among the best in the industry. In the field of learning eye protection lamp, it continues to rank first in the industry online, and the average customer unit price is the first among China's top 10 lighting brands.